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The PREP – MAN Program is a subsidiary of Covenant Restoration International (CRI), Inc., a nonprofit 501c (3) faith – based organization.  The PREP – MAN Program’s motto is “More than a program but a class of principles.” Our mission is to prevent delinquency, empower choices, and advance the academics of at – risk youth, by developing a Personal Responsibility Empowerment Plan (PREP). 

The PREP – MAN Program envision a partnership between the parent/guardian, school, church, and businessmen, working together to serve as a safety net for the underserved at – risk African – American males, especially those in K5 through 3rd grade. 

The PREP – MAN Program propose to use a combination of services including: individual and group mentoring/coaching, academic assistance and education enrichment, social and life skills training, creative expression (Edutainment and Technotainment), and recreational programming. Consequently, youth incentives will be provided to reinforce good behavior and good report cards.

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Individual Therapy (for myself) Couples (for myself and my partner) Teen (for my child) 

Creative Child Solutions LLC exist to build and develop the self - esteem of children; consequently providing edu-tainment and techno-tainment products, resources, and services. For parents and their children.

D. Jerome Garrett’s Greatness Coaching Program is a tool used to personally develop leaders.  It is designed to inspire, empower, and challenge leaders to be BIG - to be better, to increase, and to be made great. If you are ready to answer your call to greatness then this program is for you. Join the greatness circle, and let's keep the conversation going.

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Educational and Assessment services

Pastoral Christian Counseling

Learning - life coaching


Workshop and Seminar Facilitator

Guest Speaker

Teacher Training

Staff Development     

Program Development

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