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Singer-Songwriter. Playwright. Edu-tainer

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As an interdisciplinary artist: singer, national award - winning songwriter,  playwright, and Edu-tainer. He grew up singing in his Father's church. In high school, he sang in the high school chorus. As a premier soloist he sang in pageants, graduations, and balls. In college he sang in the FAMU Gospel and Concert Choir. As a premier soloist in the FAMU Gospel Choir he traveled throughout the nation. It was in the FAMU where  he wrote and recorded his first song entitled, Security. Later, he became  a member of Metropolitan Praise Alive Choir, where he sang and wrote many songs. In 2008 at the Gospel Music Association Songwriters Contest. Out of 512 songwriters D. Jerome Garrett came in second place with his song, " Books of the Bible." He is the author of the legendary musical entitled : The Creation: From the Garden to the City. As an Edu-tainer, with his creative flare, he believes that, If you tap into your rhythm, you tap into the main flow of your learning potential

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