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Founder & CEO


Coaching. Counseling. Consultation 

D. Jerome Garrett exist to engage, edu-tain, and empower individuals in the areas of Mental Health and Addiction Disease; therefore, his eclectic therapeutic approach to coaching, counseling, and consultation is guaranteed to excite, encourage, and enlightened all who experience him.

Greatness Empowerment


As a Greatness Empowerment Life coach, D Jerome Garrett works with people one on one and in small groups. He engages his clients by building a special rapport using warmth, empathy and genuineness. He creates an atmosphere of empowerment helping his clients properly process and self discover. He uses his own Born to Be Great (B2BG) Curriculum  to strengthen his clients' CORE, helping them to find their FLOW.

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Your Potential to Succeed


Your Passion to Create


Your plans to be GREAT!

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